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P.O. Box 628  Ely, MN 55731
Tel:  218-365-5177 or 218-365-4668

     Bill Trygg, Broker, and Kris(Trygg) Kidd, Assoc. Broker welcome you to TRYGG LAND OFFICE ONLINE and invite you to personally visit our log office in the northwoods.
     Two hand hewn log saunas (circa 1910) were taken apart log by log and reconstructed as the headquarters for the office. 
     TRYGG LAND OFFICE is set among the birch and pines overlooking Moss Lake and has a spectacular 14 mile view to the Laurentian Continental Divide. Streams and rivers north of the Divide flow to Hudson Bay, and south of the Divide waters flow to the Mississippi River.

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our office

    TRYGG LAND OFFICE was established in 1955 by J. William Trygg. The historical buildings made the name a logical choice - reflecting the land offices of the United States government during the early settlement periods of our nation’s history.
    Bill Trygg has continued the tradition started by his father.
Bill Trygg will take the time to show you property - whether remote or at road’s edge. His northwoods experiences give a special perspective on our region.

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Bill and bear cub

     Ely is in the heart of a vast wilderness area.It is within the Superior National Forest and at the doorstep of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). The area is beautiful and unique.Glaciers left deep lakes bordered by rugged hills with many rock ledge outcroppings.   Some areas have more gentle, rolling terrain, and the combination provides outstanding scenery!

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Bill's June canoe trip with friends to the Canadian Border

     We invite you to enjoy the time you spend in northern Minnesota and look into investments for your family’s future enjoyment.

Bill on the shores of Trygg Lake near the Canadian border

     We are here to help you with your real estate needs bringing our knowledge of the area and our experiences of living in the north country to work for you.

Bill Trygg’s northwoods experiences give
a special perspective on our region.

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P.O. Box 628  Ely, MN 55731
tel:218-365-5177 or 218-365-4668

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Trygg Land Office represents the Seller in all transactions unless otherwise stated.
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